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​What Are your prices?

A single session price is $14.00  

5 session package is $66.50

10 session package is $126.00

25 session package is $297.50

50 session package is $560.00

​100 session package is $1050.00

How long are the classes?

Class time is one hour. Classes will begin on time, so it is encouraged to arrive a few minutes early to get settled. 

The door is generally locked 5-10 minutes after class begins, to prevent disruptions. Adhering to proper yoga etiquette is requested and appreciated.  

​What should I bring and wear?

If you own a yoga mat, it's great to bring it with you,  if you want to borrow one, there are Gaiam Athletic Mats available at the studio, if you wish to purchase a mat, we have a retail selection as well. Props such as straps, blocks and blankets are available at the studio. 

The most important thing to remember in attire, is comfort! Tank tops/tshirts and stretchy pants are the most common form of clothing worn in yoga. You will be practicing barefoot. 

Are the classes progressive? Can I attend any time and not get "behind"? 

The classes are not progressive. 

Each class is customized for the day.